Beamin' Blooms Soap Sponge - Grapefruit

Beamin' Blooms Soap Sponge - Grapefruit

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Is it a soapy sponge or a spongey soap? It's both! This giftable soap-infused sponge is a delightful and convenient addition to any bath or shower. Simply add water and whip up a luxurious lather while you gently cleanse and exfoliate. Each Soap Sponge lasts for 40-plus washes and comes with a tasteful grosgrain ribbon for hanging.

Net wt. 3.8 oz/110 g

Package: 3.11"'w x 5.7'''h x 1.22"''d

(7.8 cm x 14.4 cm x 3 cm)

  • Two-in-one soap sponge creates an at-home spa experience-just add water!