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Organic Crystal Healing Bath Soak Test Tubes

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Our holiday stocking stuffers is everything you need to add an extra pop to that Christmas morning. Any and all ingredients are 100% organic and hand chosen to best suit your skins needs. They all have antioxidants to help hydrate your skin and even its tone. Also containing antibacterial that helps fight acne, and improve your skins elasticity. 

Key Features

Oatmeal Rose Soak

- 100% all natural ground rose buds

- 100% all natural pink salt

- Organic ground oatmeal

- 100% all natural and organic dried honey

- 100% all natural Jasmine oil

Matcha Eucalyptus 

- Organic matcha powder

- Organic dried whole milk

- 100% all natural eucalyptus oil. 

Child At Heart Scrub

- Organic pink salt

- 100% all natural plumeria oil

- Organic coconut oil

- 100% all natural rose dried flowers

Peppermint Body Scrub

- Organic Hawaiian red rock salt

- 100% all natural Peppermint oil

- Dread whole chamomile flowers

- 100% all natural lavender oil

Vanilla Fig 

- Organic dried whole milk

- All natural dried honey powder

- Organic brown sugar

- Organic vanilla bean extract

- Organic raw ground oatmeal

- Organic dried fig