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Mystery Style Bag!

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These 3 items could be a Top, Jacket, Dress, Pants, Skirt, Outerwear, Shorts, Etc. Items are picked at random in the size you select. Items can be from any season within the last year or special items that never went online, we will do our best to put a variety in each bag.

We cannot take any special requests on these orders and will not accept any exchanges or refunds, no exceptions, so please do not order unless you agree to these terms.

Items are brand new. We make no guarantees within your size on how each item may fit. Something didn't fit right or you don't love it? Give it to a friend or donate it, the price is too good to pass up!

This is a fun way to try new things you may not normally try, for a steep discount! Stock on holiday and birthday gifts now with CLB mystery bags!  

If ordering multiple bags, place them within the same order or else you may get repetitive items. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL: No returns or exchanges. Something doesn't fit or work out? It might make a great gift, the price is too good! You’re always welcome to post items on the CLB swap page 💗💗